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Monday, 09 October 2017 09:14

Interview with Steve Newman

1. What do you remember from your self titled album during the late 90s?

Well, I remember that it was a hectic schedule. We recorded it in around 10 days at Universal Sound in London. I recorded all the music and backing vocals in about 7 days, and had three days to record all the lead vocals. It was hard work but at the end we had a very live sounding album which I was very proud of. Even to this day and the fact that I can now spend as much time as I want on albums, I try and keep myself to a deadline. It helps with performance and getting a natural sounding album.

2. Is it true that the track “One Step Closer” hit the charts in Japan?

Yes, according to my record label at the time it entered the Japanese rock charts, but I’m not sure of the number.

3. Why did you decide to form your own label Chrome Dome Records?

I formed Chrome Dome when my contract ended with Escape Music, I wanted more control over the recording and release process so it was the obvious way to move forward. Primitive Soul was the first release on the label followed by Decade and then The Art Of Balance. I secured a deal with AOR Heaven shortly after that and have since released everything with them. Although in 2014 I used Chrome Dome once again to re-record and release the first album Newman ST as a limited edtion.

4. You have a new album out now, would you like to talk about it?

Yes, the new album is called Aerial and it was released on September 22nd through AOR Heaven, it features 12 songs written over the last two years. I think that Newman fans will like this one very much, it’s more AOR sounding than the previous album, but keeping the upfront guitar sound.

5. What was your influence for the compositions of the album?

I was actually writing a lot of songs for Frontiers music, and they required songs in a more melodic AOR style, it felt very natural at that time so I decided to continue writing and the result was the songs you hear on Aerial. Over previous albums I’ve tended to write with various different subjects, and I guess this album is a little more mainstream in the sense that I’ve kept most songs with a love theme. Although I have still tried to mix it up with various colours in the lyrics.

6. Are you going to tour for the album?

We have a show in a few weeks in Athens, and also the HRH AOR Festival next year in the UK, we will see how the album is received and base our live shows on that. I very much hope we can go out and visit a few different countries. It’s always great to go out and meet the fans !

7. What do you remember from your last concert in Greece?

I think the whole band remembers it, Greece is very dear to us, we always love to play there and the fans are very special.

8. What can we expect of your new concert in Greece?

We will be playing a few new songs and also most/if not all of the live favourites, we’re really looking forward to coming out again and rocking it up in Athens !!!

9. How do you deal with the current model of the music industry?

Personally, I think it’s madness to try and deal with it. I try and keep out of the politics as much as I can. There is some great music out there in both our genre, and other genres, I think positively that more music is now being heard through social media such as Facebook etc. Which allows bands and fans exposure to new music at a massive rate, and ultimately they decide what they want to hear. I’m just very fortunate that I can still record and have people buy my music, it’s a very humbling experience.

10. Is AOR music still a radio friendly format?

I think a good song is a good song, no matter what genre it is, My biggest influennces as a musician will always be from the 80’s so I guess that will always come through in my music, whether that can/will ever be deemed as radio friendly is questionable. I think in the 80’s AOR was really one form of the accepted pop music of the time, but times move on. I’m just happy to be doing what I do and writing what comes out of my heart.



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