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Tuesday, 16 May 2017 09:10

1. Hi guys are you excited towards your Download Festival show?

Claire Percival (Drums) - We are sooooo excited. This is a first for us. A big dream! We are very grateful for the opportunity and excited to make our mark on the festival.

2. What is the band up to now?

CP- As I write this we are in the studio recording demos!!! We are getting ready for a busy few months of gigs ahead too!

3. How did you decide to shoot the video for Pure Chaos? Please let us know all the details.

CP- Well we had Crooked Gentlemen recommended to us and wanted to work with them. We decided it was best to put out something brand new. We went to Shaun and Jeff with the song and they came up with the kick ass idea of referring to the Jim Jones story!

4. How do you consider the metal bands of your generation?

CP- Wow. That's a tough question. There is an abundance of talent out there right now, and also remaining talent from previous generations. There's so much good music in the world right now. Particularly in metal. There's a lot of trends, some I like some I dislike, I'm not to into the emo type of metal. I wish there were some Pantera type trends coming back!

5. You toured US by performing in 30 states. How is was to book this tour and how was your experience?

CP- This was something that kind of happened. We were going over to record in the States and we figured we might as well play some shows, that turned into more n more n more shows! It was so much fun. Every state is different, every crowd was different! Overall, the American metal heads were super cool! We would love to go back!

6. What is your mission as a band and as musicians?

CP- Our mission is to take over the world. We want to be touring and recording for the rest of our lives!!!

7. Any interesting experiences from the music industry that you would like to share with us?

CP- Oh God. Yeah loads. The music industry is complicated and we are just getting started. There are some good people, a lot of crazy people and you will always need more money. I don't think that was experience so much as my opinion!

8. How do you consider the metal scene of Ireland at the moment?

CP- The metal scene in Ireland is so good and so hidden! The Metal to the Masses competition is really helping bring the scene to the next level. It's shining a bit of light on the talent in Ireland. We really need RTE (Irish TV) to do a show on the metal scene!!!

9. So, why did you choose Dead Label as a band name?

CP- When we started the band, it was the time when Sophie Lancaster was murdered. It was particularly hard hitting for us, as we could relate to stories of people being bullied for being rockers or goths. This was the saddest story, she was murdered for being herself. Dan wrote a song called Dead Label. It was a message to her murders, but then we thought Dead Label would be a good name for the band. There are a lot of labels within metal, and we just want to be a metal band. We decided to call the band Dead Label and the song for Sophie Lancaster is called in Rest in Pieces and it's on our first album. It's an angry message to the disgusting people that killed that innocent girl.

10. A message for all of your fans out there...

CP- Thank you so much for watching our videos!!! See you on the road!!!

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