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Tuesday, 22 June 2010 06:01

1. Please introduce yourself to the beer drinkers and hellraisers that read this interview...


    Hey there, it’s Curtis from the band Snew. I’m the singer guy who screams and yells a lot.


2. Do you think that forming the band in Hollywood CA offers you potential for success?


    I don’t think where you are from matters at all. It’s a matter of talent and heart. Play as much as possible, write as much as possible and record as much as possible.
    After that it’s a just having patience. If you got the goods they’ll find you.


3. How did you persuade Bobby Owsinski and the Grammy Award winning Ed Cherney (Rolling Stones, etc) to work wth you?

    I’ve known Bobby for more than ten years. He produced my last band. When I played him some of the stuff I was doing with Snew, he loved it. In 2007 we started working on what became our first album “Snew You”. When it came time to start work on our next one he called his friend Ed Cherney. Bobby and Ed had always wanted to work together on a project. When Bobby played him some of the rough demos for the songs that we were going to do Ed loved it and immediately signed on. Having those two was a real dream team.


4. You have also recorded at the famous Village Recorder in Los Angeles , what kind of luxuries / advantages you had there?


    First of all, this place is historic. A veritable who’s who of rock n roll have recorded there. The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Ozzy, Scorpions, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Madonna and J-Lo. The list is endless. Just being there, walking the halls and soaking up all the great vibes that permeate this place. You can feel it. It inspired us to be better than ever and craft an album that was worthy of us being there and recording in the shadows of greatness. We got to know the owner of The Village and he treated us like kings. It’s a beautiful facility and everyone there tended to our every need. It was an awesome experience. I’ll never forget it.


5. Your music follows the music path of rock with BALLS, except from heavy balls what else needs a band today to record a pure rock album in 2010?

    Heart. Play from the heart, there’s nothing more important. You can always tell when someone is faking it. Forget the trends in music, they come and go. If it moves you do it. If it doesn’t make you a fan of your own stuff, trash it. Move on. The greatest bands in the world (like the ones I mentioned who recorded at The Village) came out of nowhere playing music that was not a part of any current trend. You heard it and you loved it because you could hear the passion, you felt connected to them. That’s BALLS. I don’t care what kind of music you play if it has those kind of balls something’s gonna happen.


6. How do you use the TOLL FREE 1-888-900-SNEW that you have created for your fans?


    Our toll free number is there so we can talk to people who don’t have a computer or who just want to talk with one of us live, person to person. I can’t say one of us will always be there to answer the phone but don’t be surprised if I pick it up. I’ve tripped out more than a few people who’ve called and asked who they were talking to and I said “it’s Curtis”. They don’t expect that and I have to convince them that it’s really me. It’s our way of letting you know that the Snew World Order really is about all of us working together and being friends. When I pick up that phone I’m not going to try to sell you anything. We can talk about what ever you want.


7. Describe your latest  album in less words and time you need to drink 6 beers...don't worry we offer a


   Loud, raw, obnoxious, over the top and infectious. We went in there and did exactly what we wanted to do. We brought in some of the most talented and creative guys in the business to make sure there were no compromises. We were off the leash on this one and made sure we gave it our all. That’s why we titled the album “We Do What We Want”. It’s all Snew and nothing but the Snew. We wanted to let everyone know that the first album was no accident. We do this on purpose. Snew you everybody. Now hand me another cold one.


8. When and where are you going to tour for your album ? If I own a house somewhere in Hollywood how much do you charge to come over and play in my place and wake up the neighborhood?


    We plan to tour the whole planet. All over the US , Canada , Europe, Asia, Australia . If we can get there you’re gonna get SNEWED.

    If you want us to come over and wake up your neighbors just invite all your friends and supply the beer. We’re there dude!


9. Do you have any new music material that we could listen to during crashing in our local bar?


    We have written a bunch of new songs that we will put on our next album. When we come to your house we will play some of them for you.


10. The worst and best ever concert experiences? Speak free...there's noone around....


      Our best concerts are every one we get to play. It’s awesome when Snew fans are there and they sing along and it’s perhaps even more awesome when people never heard of us before and by the end of the night they have been completely Snewed and show up at the next one. The worst ones are the ones we don’t get to play. I love going to see other bands but I always think to myself  “man, I wish we were going on next”. I’m addicted to being up on stage in front of all of YOU.


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