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Saturday, 08 December 2012 19:55

1. How do you explain the cult status of the band Lucifer's Friend?

A good question! I hope it was because of the quality of the music and the fact that we   never really played the early recordings as a live band. After I had left Lucifers to join Heep, the guys did go out on the road but they had extra keyboards to recreate the album sound. It’s a pity really that we didn’t take the early stuff on the road……

2. What were your most important moments during the Uriah Heep days and why did you leave the band?

Oh there were so many great moments during that time. I suppose touring the USA for the first time with KISS, playing some of the biggest Stadiums, picking up gold albums seeing FREE ME go to number 1 in a lot of country’s around the world, all the things you dream about as musician just starting out….
There are many reasons why I left Heep, certainly personal clashes between myself and one of the main members of the band. Musical differences played a big part also, looking for the follow up to FREE ME was not how I saw the band progressing. Heep had built their reputation on good songs well arranged and a bit progressive and this was not the way we were going at that time….

3. What do you remember from your short career as a TV presenter and actor?

Ha ha !! the career isn’t over yet. I still present and direct the documentary’s for Bulgarian TV, I finished 2 more during the summer months, so that is still going on.
Whether I would get another offer to act in a movie remains to be seen. I enjoyed doing it although Iam not an actor, but it was fun and working with Mick Box was a good laugh…
Would I do it again……YES !!!

4. Few people know that you participated in the 1976's Eurovision Song Contest with the Les Humphries Singers. Do you remember those days?

Well the fact that we came second last was memorable! Hey its part of my musical history, and it was an experience, but one that Iam unlikely to do again….
The best song (Brotherhood Of Man) won anyway…!

5. Do you still support the Eurovision's contest?

I have watched it sometimes, but its all very political these days. It has nothing to do with the songs anymore, its all about the Country’s voting for their neighbouring country and so on…..very silly really, but hey I suppose its fun….

6. You have a new album along with Diana Express, can you tell us more information about it?

The album was given to me sung in Bulgarian and I was asked by the writer / producer Milen Vrabewski if I would be interested in singing it in English. The original had been well produced and recorded that after reading the English lyrics I just had to record it…
I feel it has turned out very well and the guys (DiExpress) put a lot into this production.
People will expect something bluesy / rocky from me, but I always try to do something different on each recording that I make and this is different again. It has been very well received by the fans, so I hope it continues…..


7. What are your thoughts regarding the concept of this album?

The lyrics are all about positive thinking, which in todays world is a good thing I think…
Its like reading a book to somebody and finding something new in each chapter….
It was a pleasure to sing…..

8. Do you believe in the power of the mind?

In certain instances yes I do. I think the fact that people who are ill still go to Lourdes in France looking for a cure. Whether it works is a matter of the Power Of The Mind but if you are a believer then the mind can certainly help…
Not just in medical things, but also in everyday matters….

9. When are we going to hear your new music?

Well the album is on release now and we have just released the 2nd single (THE SEARCH)
from the album so it is available. I will be taking it on the road in the New Year so look out for that…..

10. Do you consider Bulgaria and Balkan in general, a popular market for your music?

Yes I do, I have learnt over the last few years that I have been going there how the people were deprived of so many things including western music during the period of Communism only in the last 2 decades have they really been allowed to let the music out into the open and Uriah Heep amongst others were a very big band in the Balkans so I suppose in many respects they are catching up…..

11. Do you use the social networks for your promotion?

I only use my website to promote what Iam doing or have done..
Iam not into Facebook or Twitter its too much work ! and in many instances they are being abused by people who are just out to make trouble….

12. Which are the most popular markets for your back catalogue?

That’s very hard to say it can vary for Lucifers Friend or other albums that I have made…
It always surprises me whichever country Iam in that fans come along for autographs on some of the more obscure albums in the back catalogue…..but its always nice to see.




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